Terms Of Use

The agreement and the policies provided herein contain the terms that apply to the use of the Website by our clients. The services provided in cs@welbymd.com and all websites owned, licensed, operated by WelbyMD, are subject to the terms contained herein.

Please Read The Agreement Carefully As It Governs The Use Of The Website. If You Do Not Agree With The Terms Then Please Do Not Use The Aforementioned Website.

Your access and usage of the website create a legally enforceable and binding contract of acceptance and consent between you(“the client”) and the company(WelbyMD).

This website allows you to obtain a web-based second-opinion radiology report that is exclusively used as a second opinion.

All information provided by you is warranted to be accurate, complete and to your knowledge the truth.


The protection of your medical records and information is of utmost importance to us. So, we have taken all reasonable restrictions to protect your confidentiality in accordance with the laws applicable.

By accessing our website you authorize the website and all its physicians, employees, business associates and agents to access, review, analyze, discuss, research and copy your personal and medical information as might be required to provide the second opinion.

The use of your medical information will not exceed the purpose so stated, unless you give authorization for such disclosure.

The report provided by us will be sent to the address, location, individual, family member or legal guardian as authorized by you, effective immediately.

You have the right to receive all the information in regard to your diagnosis as well and upon request, you can also cancel your consent at any time by writing to us at cs@welbymd.com


We at WelbyMD, promise to generate a second-opinion radiology report within a reasonable time period, but we do not warrant any specific time frame within which such report is to be generated.

You further agree to release the website (company) and its respective physicians, practitioners, employees, contractors, business associates or agents from any suit for harm, injury, damages or claim of any kind inclusive of, but not limited to, compensation, direct, indirect or consequential damages, as a result of usage of the services provided herein, and/or any review, interpretation or analysis on any or all second-opinion reports.


According to the agreement you acknowledge that the second-opinion report provided by the website is to be used as only a second-opinion and should not in any form be treated as a diagnosis, treatment, doctor-patient relationship, medical care.

Furthermore, your actual treatment will be at all times solely in the hands of your treating physician(s), who will be responsible for your diagnosis, treatment, care, and evaluation of your reports. All communication will be with your attending physician(s) directly in regard to your reports.


All medical information, data, reports, test results and/or reviews provided by you will be stored by us for providing the second-opinion radiology report.

After the supply of aforementioned report, the radiology films may be returned to you, provided:

  • you have requested the return of such films
  • you have paid the shipping and handling charges.

We are not responsible for storing, filing or safekeeping any medical, personal or informative films after a second-opinion radiology report has been generated, or if our services have been terminated for any reason.

We do not accept any responsibility for any records, films or items that may be stolen or lost while being shipped to and from the Company.


You agree that you or on your behalf your physician, your attorney or any individual authorized by you are responsible for the payment and clearance of all charges or fees, for the services rendered by the Company, including but not limited to the fees for professional radiology services.

All payment of fees must be done in advance and the onus of third-party reimbursement is at your own expense if any.

You have the option of withdrawing consent for the second-opinion report at any time. However, if consent is withdrawn after full payment is made, then no refund will be provided.


Unless otherwise stated, all materials (including images, designs, icons, illustrations, photographs, videos, written materials or other materials) that are a part of the Company’s website(s) are subject to copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property owned, controlled or licensed by the Company.

No material from the website can be copied, republished, reproduced, uploaded, transmitted or distributed in any way, except with written consent of the Company.

In addition, you shall not commit any of the following acts via the Company’s website(s):

  • Transmit any content that hampers the privacy of others or is otherwise objectionable
  • Use abusive language to hurt the sentiments of people
  • Post links to adult content
  • Transmit unauthorized or unsolicited advertisements, promote other products, chain letters, junk mail, schemes or any other form of unrequired claims
  • Add URLs containing referral codes or referral addresses, or links to other businesses or pages
  • Collect, use or distribute personal data or information of other users in any manner


Any communication that takes place between your system and our servers are encrypted using industry grade SSL technology, that is equivalent to using online banking systems.

Access to your personal data or information is restricted and only people who have a connection to your case (physicians, employees, agents, business associates, researchers) are allowed to view the data or information. Physical access to our data is restricted and monitored.


The company grants you (the customer) a limited license to access and make use of our website cs@welbymd.com but is off-limits to download, modification and uploading of any information.

The license does not include resale or commercial use or downloading or copying or data mining or data gathering of the website or any of its content.

You cannot use out frame or framing techniques, trademarks, logos or any other information (including images, texts, page layouts) of the company or our affiliates without written consent.

Any unauthorized use of such data or information grants us the authority to terminate the license granted by us.

You are granted a limited, revocable and non-exclusive right to create a hyperlink to the page so long as the link does not portray the Company, its affiliates, products, services, logo, trademark, in a false, derogatory, misleading, offensive manner.


If there is any intentional violation of the aforementioned agreement, the Company has the right to immediately suspend or cancel its services to you or your authorized associate.

The Company also has the authority to seek legal remedy as per the laws of the land.


The Company reserves the right at any time, with or without notice, to change, alter, modify or delete any of its policies, procedures, terms of service, website content, fees and/or notices.

Please check this Agreement periodically for changes.

Continued use of the Web Site following the posting of changes to this Agreement shall mean you have read and accepted such changes.